Test Equipment

Portable test equipment for quenching media - IVF QUENCHOTEST

*Measurement of the cooling characteristics of quench tank quenchant, for the following situations:
-To check the cooling performance at various positions in the quench tank.
-To check the effect of the flow rate on cooling performance
-To follow changes in the cooling performance of a quenchant - as a result, for example, of degradation or impurity - over a period of time
*Laboratory measurements.
*Tests can be made with different quenchants e.g. oils, polymers, water and salts.
*Incoming inspection of quenchants.

*A test probe containing a thermocouple is heated to the required temperature, normally 850°C and immersed in the quenchant.
*The temperature change is recorded on computerized equipment and stored in memory.
*After measurement, the temperature vs. time and cooling rate vs. temperature characteristics are plotted on a built-in printer.
*The results may also be printed out in table form.