Cleaning Equipment

Vacuum Distillation Type Solvent Recovery System 99 PURIZER

Equipment Overview
99 PURIZER efficiently recovers only solvent from waste oil contained solvent. It produces high purity solvent, and at low temperatures -- 99% recovery efficiency and 99% purity. Because it recovers solvent under vacuum conditions, it is can recover at low temperatures and high quality levels, without degrading the stabilizers in the solvent.

Equipment Features
*Recovery Method: Vacuum and atmospheric distillation.
*Agitating Method: Jet agitation by pump.
*Recovery Capacity: 99% min.
*Recovery Purity: 99.9%
*Heating Source: Indirect oil bath heating.

Technical Data
Component Specification MODEL
NV-3 NV-4
Distilling Tank Tank volume, liters 100 200
Batch Vol/Cycle lit/hr 60/2.5 Hr 110/3 Hr
ating, KW 6 10
Pumping, KW 50Hz 0.4、1.5 0.4、1.5
60Hz 0.4 、2.2 0.4、2.2
Receiving Tank Volume, liters 100 120
Overall Size Dimensions W mm 1000 1200
L mm 2000 2400
H mm 2850 2850

Cleaning Equipment to meet needs of users
*Vacuum Purge Mineral Solvent Rinsing Machine
Type: PVHp 120/140
<Effective DIM, Load WT>
1200L×700W×650H, 660kg
* Water-Based Vacuum Cleaning Machine
2 immersion stages - 2 spray stages - air blow - vacuum drying
<Effective DIM>

* Rotary Cleaning Machine
1400kg/hr chain plate
<Effective DIM>

* Alkali Cleaning Machine
Cleaning process: Immersion + shower
<Effective DIM>