Fluidized Bed Technology

Procedyne Furnace - PCF (Cleaning equipment for resins, paints) Stripping of resins, paints.  Please have a try, if you are troubled with cleaning.

Equipment Overview
Blowing air up through numerous holes from the bottom of a furnace packed with fine grains (alumina, etc.) causes them to become charged, changing from a stationary state into a floating state (fluidized bed). The pyrodine furnace uses these fine grains as a heat medium, offering good thermal conduction and uniform internal temperature suitable for pyrolysis of organic materials.

Equipment Features
* Full pyrolysis control
* No cleaning damage to treated parts
* Alumina is both thermally and chemically stable
* Easy furnace maintenance
* Exhaust gas disposed of by secondary combustion

<Equipment Structure>
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Test treatment available on request.
Painting Hanger

Breaker Plate
Fludized Bed Heat Treating Furnace qקLUID BATH (having the advantage of salt bath and making up for its defects)

Equipment Overview
When alumina grains are packed into the retort of the device, and gas is blown up from the bottom, the volume increases and a strong agitation flow begins. It behaves like a liquid, making it possible to insert workpieces with no resistance. This fluidized layer has a high co-efficient of heat transfer, resulting in high speed heating and favorable temperature distribution.

Equipment Features
* Wide range of usage and applicability to various metal heat treatments
* Effective workpiece heating
* Extremely uniform temperature distribution
* Fluid gas can be selected freely in accordance with usage objectives
* Workpieces can be loaded and unloaded in the middle of treatment
* Gas distribution plate and muffle are highly reliable and have extremely long lives

Treating Processes Possible with Fluid Bath
* General heat treatment of steel.
* Nitriding treatment, nitrocarburizing treatment.
* Solutionizing of aluminum.
* Heat treatment of steel wire.
* High speed heating of various metals.
* Hard coating treatment.

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