Pack Processing Heat Treatment Medium

Pack processing modifies workpiece surfaces by packing workpieces together in a case with a medium, and heating it from outside.

Pack Carburizing Compounds

These are produced by mixing charcoal and activator, compacting them into a certain shape, and sintering them at a high temperature. They are easy to handle because they are sintered materials, and produce a high quality treated workpiece finish, with no impurities such as vaporizing tar.
For mild carburizing: Carburized depth of 0.6mm or more for alloy steel. In the case of non-alloy steel, a carburized depth of 2mm or more can be used without over-carburizing.
For activated carburizing: Carburized depth up to 0.6mm for alloy steel. When deeper depths are required, KG6 can be used without over-carburizing. In case of non-alloy steel, up to 2mm. A treatment temperature of 900°C is generally appropriate.

Boriding Medium

This medium is used to form a boron layer on workpieces by pack processing. (Medium for paste coating is also available) Our name for this product PARBORAC. It forms a super hard compound layer on ferrous, super hard alloy, and non-ferrous materials. A surface layer hardness of up to HV2300 is possible, depending on the basic material.
Very fine powder, suitable for small workpieces with complex shapes.
Finer vertsion of DB1, suitable for tools.
Suitable for large components and for mass producted items. Optimal for high temperature or extended treatment when a deeper boron layer is required.
DB Pastes
Unlike the other powdered pack Boriding media above, this is a unique medium used to form a boron layer by painting it on the desired portion of workpieces and heating it. Treatment temperature of 800 - 1000°C.