Gas Nitriding Furnaces


Pit-Type Gas Nitriding Fumance – GNe

Classic but fresh surface hardening process

Equipment Overview

This equipment heats up workpieces made of steel with specific chemical components to 400-600°C in an atmosphere of ammonia gas for a period of 1-100 hrs, forming an iron nitride layer with a thickness of -30 m on the surface, and a follow-up diffusion layer.

Equipment Features

Application Examples

Injection molding machine (cylinders, screws, sleeves)
Hydraulic machinery (plates, pins, cylinders)
Power plants (valves, gears, piping)
Aircraft (shafts, couplings, gears, sleeves)
Vessels (engines, valves, crank axles, plungers)
Automobiles (piston rings, coil springs)