Mold Release Agent, etc.


Mold Release Agent, etc.

This is used when rubber hoses, etc. are molded before vulcanization; in the process of molding the hose into the desired shape, the releasing agent is used as lubricant when inserting it in the rod. Adhesion-proofing agent is used to prevent rubber items from sticking to each other.

Product Lineup

Removing Agent for Rubber

Below are some of the releasing agents we offer.

  • TS-2(for low pressure)
    PG-67 (for high pressure)
    Contains an anion surface active agent as its primary ingredient, and special additives to improve thermal stability and water solubility. Can be cleaned by washing with water, without any cleaning agents. Two different releasing agent types are available for different hose pressures.

Anti-adhesion Agent for Rubber

  • PAAR-1 Anion surfactant and polysaccharide additives endow primary materials with suspension stability. Special alcohol lowers surface tension and improves the wetting properties of rubber surfaces.

Testing Material for Decarburizing and Carburizing

  • High Carbon Steel Foil Steel Foil H

    Bath control can be performed easily through bending testing after immersing the foil in the salt bath and quenching it. (steel foil with C = 1.0%)

  • Low Carbon Steel Foil Steel Foil K

    This testing method makes it easy to quickly confirm salt bath carbon concentration and carburizing ability, making it possible to adjust carburizing parameters. (steel foil with C = 0.1%)