Nitriding Process

Surface Treating Division

Nitriding Process – ISONITE LS

ISONITE LS treatment does not use any substances applied for the regulated materials as environmental hazardous substances and improve the various properties for the iron-based materials. With the composite oxides including lithium and fine compound layer, higher corrosion resistance is obtainable on them.

Properties to be improved with the ISONITE LS treatment
High wear resistance/low abrasion property/wear resistance property/galling resistance property/fatigue strength/resistance to oxidation/heat resistance property

ISONITE LS® treatment on cold rolled carbon steel sheet (SPCC)

Corrosion resistance evaluation
Evaluation method: Salt water spray test according to JIS Z2371

ISONITE LS® treatment on carbon steel (S45C)

Li-Fe oxidized layer on the utmost surface and Fe nitrided layer beneath are formed simultaneously. Li-Fe oxide (octagonal crystal) is formed on the utmost surface.
Glow discharge atomic emission spectrochemical analysis device
Glow discharge atomic emission spectrochemical analysis device

ISONITE LS® treatment on alloyed steel (SCM435)

ISONITE LS® treatment on cast iron(FC300)

Hardness distribution of materials after ISONITE LS® treatment