We comply with customer’s confidence by reproducing in the form that corresponds to the needs of our user through our solid technological skills.

In 1956, we began our business of importing and selling chemicals used in metal heat treatment. This year, we celebrated our 63rd year of business. During this period, in the first row of surface modification of metal materials we have contributed to the technological development of Japanese products and made progress together with the high Japanese economic growth in the post-war era.

On the arrival of the Reiwa Era, the Nihon Parkerizing Group which are consisting of more than 30 companies including us both in Japan and overseas, are targeting next-generation fields such as new overseas markets, new processing technologies and new manufacturing environments using AI robots.

Meanwhile, we have been expanding our business as a comprehensive metal heat treatment company with the strength of the trinity; "design and manufacture of heat treatment equipment," "manufacture and sale of heat treatment-related chemicals," and "heat treatment processors."

With the following two main objects; (1) cultivating the existing fields and taking on challenges of developing new businesses and (2) providing prompt and high-quality services that meet the diverse needs of our customers, we will make our utmost company efforts.

Moreover, as a member of the Nippon Parkerizing Group which is expanding globally, we will make even greater efforts in order to build a long lasting trust in our customers by promoting into further advanced level “the quality of products”, “the production capacity”, and “the development capabilities” that we have obtained at our manufacturing sites.

I sincerely hope that you will continue to favor us with your support.

President and CEO
Parker Netsushori Kogyo Co., Ltd.
July 2019