Molten Salt Technology

Equipment for ISONITE Process - NOe NOg If you want to strengthen your steel products, try ISONITE first !
Equipment Overview
The ISONITE process has been applied to the treatment of automobile components, construction and electrical machinery, etc., and has been praised and relied on by a wide range of customers for many years. Below is an overview of fully automated equipment for this salt bath nitrocarburizing process.. This equipment is being used in many of the Parket group companies' heat treatment shops , and are available for viewing anytime.

Equipment Features
* Stable quality due to uniform salt bath temperature
* High reproducibility due to potency of salt bath
* Fully automated system operation possible
* Fully equipped with antipollution devices
* Related devices such as automatic descaling units, automatic salt feeders (optional), etc. are also available
Equipment Specifications
NOe/NOg 60/100 80/150 100/150
Pot Dimensions Dia 600 800 1000
Depth 1000 1500 1500
Effect Φ500 x 750 Φ700X1250 Φ900 x 1250
Salt Capa. 400 1120 1500
Heat Source Ele. Gas Ele. Gas Ele. Gas
Rating kw 60
Fuel Cons. N3/h


Continuous Mesh Belt Type Austempering Furnace - ZAMS With high toughness and superior impact resistance, austempering process can be achieved continuously and automatically.

Equipment Overview
Generally, steel fasteners (springs, etc.) are heated up to around 850°C at 1atm and quenched in a 350-400°C salt bath to achieve continuous high toughness, high impact resistance, and minimal deformation treatment.
Treatment capacity of 50-200kg/hr.

Equipment Features
* Mesh belt type heating furnace with a regulator for zigzag belt movement.
* Optional automatic gauge and feeder
* Heating furnace coupling segment equipped with various devices and structures, such as a salt curtain to block salt vapor and atmosphere, and to prevent deformation and workpiece chute adhesion.
* Optional sludge separation tank salt quenchability tester (IVF QUENCHOTEST), and waste water disposal plant for total nitrogen regulatory compliance, etc.
*Non-hazardous salts which can be used with the above devices are also available.
ZAMS is a next generation austempering furnace, designed to save energy and labor, and reduce maintenance overhead. We are the sole manufacturer in Japan of industrial salts to be used in this equipment as well as the equipment itself.

applicable parts
Continuous ISO-Quenching System - CADIS Heat treatment for less deformation can be made by salt quenching. It is most suitable for gas carburizing of gears and ADI treatment of FCD materials.

Equipment Overview This system is capable of unmanned continuous operation using its tray batch style automatic carrier. It is also equipped with a salt quenching tank, which reduces thermal shock and produces treatment with far less distortion and deformation. ADI treatment of FCD materials is made possible by raising the temperature of salt up to approx. 400°C. Bainitic structures obtained using this treatment are exceptionally tough, with tensile strengths reaches of up to 100kgf/mm2.

Equipment Features
* Freely changeable atmospheric gas makes various types of heat treatment possible
* The system's preheating furnace makes effective and continuous operation possible
* Considerable reduction in gas heating energy costs
* High salt volume produces stable cooling performance

Application Examples
* Gas carburizing salt quenching (various types of gears and shafts)
* ADI (construction joints and various types of strut fittings)
Structural Diagram