Vacuum Furnaced

Fully Automated Vacuum Heat Treating System ICBP (Low Pressure Carburizing Equipment) Renovation of Heat Treating Style. Concept of the times: In-Line. 20 BAR GAS QUENCHING.
Equipment Overview
The switch from atmospheric heat treatment to low pressure vacuum heat treatment is beneficial not only for the environment, but from the standpoints of performance and costs as well, and has made possible low levels of distortion through the use of gas quenching, and directly linked to machining by robots equipped with jigs. Carburizing treatment is not treated as a special process, but as part of a production lines, enabling operation synchronization for startup and onsite shut-down.

Equipment Features
*Modular structure enables equipment to easily handle increases or decreases in production
*20-BAR gas nitrogen quenching offers quenchability to equivalent to oil quenching
*Mounted INFRACARB process, a numerical control for carburizing, offers high concentration carburizing freedom
*Can perform simultaneous processing using different treatments in each cell, operate at high temperatures up to 1100°C, and perform rapid carburizing

Major Users of 860 Cells Sold Worldwide
(as of May., 2012)
Toyota, Delphi, Daimler Chrysler, Robert Bosch, General Motors, Eaton, Volkswagen, Getrag, Peugeot Citroen, LUK, Renault, GKN, Saab, Asahi-Chiyoda.,Nissan,Jatco