World Network


NoOverseas Business Partners and Main SuppliersCountryBusiness Contents
Nussle GmbH & Co.KG Germany CONDURSAL stop-off pastes for heat treatment
2 Heatbath Corporation USA Heat treatment chemicals & stop-off pastes
3 ECM Technologies France ICBP low pressure vacuum carburizing equipment
4 Swerea IVF AB Sweden Quenchant tester, ivf SmartQuench
5 Optimol Instruments Prüftechnik GmbH Germany Quenching oil testing machine, SRV(r)5
6 J&L TECH CO., LTD. Korea DLC(Diamond Like Carbon) Coating machine
NoOverseas Affiliates and Overseas Parker Group Heat Treatment ShopsCountryBusiness Contents
7 Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. Thailand ISONITE, gas carburizing & NIKASIL plating
8 Parker Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand Sale of Chemical products & Equipments
9 Hanil Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Korea ISONITE & DEFRIC coating
10 Foshan Parker Surface Modification Co., Ltd. China ISONITE
11 Chung Jih Metal Treatment Chemicals, INC. Taiwan ISONITE, gas nitrocarburizing, etc.
12 Parker Processing Vietnam Co., Ltd. Vietnam Gas soft nitriding
13 P.T. Parker Metal Treatment Indonesia Indonesia ISONITE & gas carburizing
14 Parker Trutec Inc. USA ISONITE & gas carburizing
15 Parker Trutec MMI Inc. TN. USA ISONITE
16 Parker Trutec MMI Inc. AR. USA ISONITE
17 Parker Trutec Mexicana Mexico ISONITE
18 Zhenjiang Parker Thermo Technology Co., Ltd. China ISONITE
19 PARKER NETSUSHORI MEXICANA S.A. DE C.V. Mexico Sale of Chemical products & Equipments